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This software allows you to create totally customized websites easily and effortlessly through its point and click design. This entire website was created in ABCWebWizard! Aside from software screenshots, only the text was entered, and the software did the rest!

This is not another sophisticated text editor like every other web design application. This software automatically creates graphical menus, and drop down menu based on the structure you specify, saving you time and money. It allows you to automatically change the entire design, look & feel of the website with the click of a mouse. Plus interactive java games, search engine optimization so you get ranked highly, plus so much more! Try the free trial version first, or click click here for pricing/to purchase a full version

Here is a quick overview of some of the great features:

Huge cost savings and huge profit potential!

Most "basic" website developers charge $250 US for a single simple five page website with only a couple graphics and text links. Then, they charge usually another $50 US/hour for any changes. Using this software, you can create your own professional site in seconds, and then make huge profits selling websites to other people that only take you seconds to create! AND, it is of much higher quality than those "basic" designers. Furthermore, you can make additional profits by 'maintaining' their sites afterwards!

Create "search engine optimized" websites in seconds!

Stay up to date in the latest search engine optimization trends! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very hot business right now, and takes most firms hours or several days to 'optimize' a site! Many people desire this service, because a high ranking in the search engines means more visitors, which means more profit. Because of the time required to optimize, many of these "SEO" firms usually charge a minimum of $500 US, and upwards of $2,000 US to 'optimize' a website for a search engine! This software does it automatically and at the same time that you create the website! Plus, you can sell these 'optimization' services yourself to your clients, and they will be amazed by your quality! As a registered user, you are entitled to free upgrades (minor versions) as new search engine functionality is added! Notice all the 'search engine' optimized techniques employed in this site, and done automatically! (Scroll down to the bottom page to see a sample 'blog' index link, click on it, and follow the links. This is 'keyword rich' food for the search engines, that help you get ranked highly! Search engine counter-detection measures are also available in the full version!))

A great Search Engine marketing strategy for campaigns!

This software creates fully optimized 'search engine optimized' websites in seconds, which means more people find your site, which means more profits for you. Furthermore, an excellent strategy is by creating multiple sites with different look and feel, called a 'theme', and then submitting your site to various sites. Before this software, since it was so time consuming to create websites that looked different, most people don't do it. But now you can, and reap the benefits!

Extremely easy and fun to use!

With this program, easily create highlightable menu buttons and drop down menus in seconds with a couple clicks of the mouse. No complicated javascript programming is required!

Easily create java games in seconds!

Simply use the 'Java Kit' to make animated 3D piecharts and crossword games! Or, use the 'Javascript Tool-box' to auomatically program cool javascript effects such as screen shakers, news tickers, and more! And sell this feature as an add-on service to any clients you have!


We are committed to the highest quality possible, and making sure websites created with our software look the best, get listed in search engines, and more. Let us know of any additional features/website designs/other items that you want, and when you get this software, whenever a new minor release version is released, you get it free! (So for example, if the current version was 2.0, then you would get 2.1, 2.2, 2.3..., 2.9 for free!) So by all means, let us know what else it is you want!

Search Engine Informant

If you notice any search engines are using new 'strategies' to place certain websites first, let us know so we can tweak the software. Then, you can be one of the first people to benefit from this new search engine ranking!

Built in FTP-Manager!

Upload your completed site to your website easily! Easy interface allows you to simply enter your username & password, and then uploads the entire site!


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